Tips on Inviting Visitors via DM/Private Message

  • Do a little bit of research and make the invite personal to them.  
  • Use humor/personality so it doesn’t feel like a cold form letter
  • Reference one or more people/industries in our group that you’d love to connect them with (bonus points if you’ve listened to member’s presentations and its someone that a member is actively looking for – and you can tell the that)
  • Focus the invite on THEM and the value they will get
  • Do not “sell” BNI – the group will sell itself – just tell them you want to extend an opportunity for them to connect with other leading business owners

Sample invite Scripts below – please personalize these before sending!


“I came across your insightful post in the [industry] Facebook group and was struck by your expertise in [specific aspect]. I regularly attend a BNI meeting where business owners gather to share insights and support each other’s growth. I believe you could bring valuable perspectives to our next session, and there are several members, including [mention a member’s profession], who would greatly benefit from your expertise. It's an opportunity for mutual learning and connection. Would you be open to visiting as my guest?”


“Hey [Name], I’ve been following your progress with [their business] and am truly impressed. There’s a local BNI meeting I attend that’s all about sharing knowledge and connecting like-minded professionals. It’s a great platform for showcasing your work and learning from others in a variety of fields. I think you’d find the discussions enriching and the professional connections valuable. Interested in checking it out as a visitor?”


“Hello! Your recent discussion on [specific topic] in the [specific industry] forum was incredibly insightful. I’m part of a BNI meeting where professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to share such knowledge. I believe your input could greatly enrich our next meeting, and there are individuals keen on connecting with experts in your field. It’s a fantastic environment for exchanging ideas and fostering professional relationships. Would you consider attending as my guest?”


“Hi [Name], I hope you’re doing well. Seeing your achievements with [their business] got me thinking about how much you could add to the conversations at our BNI meetings. It’s a gathering of business owners focused on sharing insights and exploring collaboration opportunities. I think you’d enjoy the vibrant exchange of ideas and meeting professionals who are eager to learn about your field. How about joining one meeting as my guest, with no strings attached?”


“Greetings! I was really impressed by your take on [specific business challenge] and thought you should share those insights more broadly. Our BNI meeting could be the perfect place. It’s a weekly session where we dive into such topics and connect with others who can offer fresh perspectives or collaboration opportunities. There’s a genuine interest in your area of expertise, and I believe the experience would be mutually beneficial. Would you be interested in attending as a visitor?”


“Hello [Name], catching up on your journey with [their business] has been inspiring. I attend a BNI meeting where business owners and professionals gather to share experiences and insights. Your story and expertise would resonate well and provide great value to our discussions. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with potential collaborators and mentors. Interested in experiencing this as a visitor?”


“Good day! Your approach to [specific aspect of their business] is exactly what we love to hear about at our BNI meetings. It’s a space where professionals share, learn, and connect without any pressure. There are several members who would greatly benefit from your expertise, and I believe the exchange would be valuable for you too. It’s all about fostering connections and expanding our horizons. Would you be open to visiting and sharing your insights?”


“Hi [Name], your dedication to [their industry] is commendable, and I think you’d find our BNI meetings quite beneficial. It’s a place for insightful discussions and making connections with other professionals who are equally passionate about their businesses. We’re always looking to learn from experts in various fields, and your contribution would be highly valued. Would you consider attending one session to see how it might benefit you, purely as a visitor?”


“Hello, [Name]! I’ve admired your work in [their industry] and thought it would be great to have you share your insights at one of our BNI meetings. It’s a friendly gathering of professionals looking to exchange ideas and support one another’s growth. Your expertise could provide significant value to our group, and I’m sure you’d make some meaningful connections. How about coming along as a visitor, with no expectations beyond sharing and connecting?”


“I saw your post in the [local business] Facebook group and was impressed by your insights on [industry trend]. As someone deeply involved in the [your industry] sector, I understand the value of making meaningful connections. My local BNI group has been looking for a [their profession] to bring fresh perspectives to our weekly meetings. We're a diverse network of over 40 professionals committed to mutual growth. Would you be interested in attending as my guest? I believe your expertise could greatly benefit our group, and in turn, open new avenues for your business.”


“Hello [Name] – it's been a while since we last caught up! I've been following your journey with [their business], and congratulations are in order for your recent achievements. It got me thinking; a colleague of mine in my BNI chapter has been eager to connect with a [their profession]. Our group consists of over 40 dedicated business owners across various sectors, and I believe your insights could be incredibly valuable. How about joining me at our next meeting for some high-quality networking? It could be a fantastic opportunity for your business.”


“Hi there! I came across your contribution in the [industry] LinkedIn group, and your expertise really stood out to me. In my BNI chapter, we often discuss the challenges and opportunities within [related industry], and I can't help but feel your input would be invaluable. We're a group of over 40 business professionals dedicated to supporting each other's growth. I'd love to invite you to our next meeting, where you can meet like-minded individuals, including a friend of mine looking specifically for a [their profession]. What do you think?”